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Start of Radio Therapy

[ 09 FEB 2015 ]

Unless totally necessary, Mom insisted on walking on her own. In the 30+ years that she had lived in this block, she must have walked along this common corridor a few thousands times. Her best friends are here, so are the places she found most familiar. When they upgraded her block with lift right at her doorsteps, Mom would sometimes get off at the sixth floor so she could see her friends. On this day, she was on the way to her second radiation therapy session.

[ 09 FEB 2015 ]

Mom had a total of 10 radiation therapy sessions and it helped that the same team of young healthcare workers comprising of Estella Au(left) and Yeap Shixian(right), Melissa Koh and Abdul Rahman(not in picture), took care of her throughout. They really made her feel comfortable.

[ 09 FEB 2015 ]

During the RT, only Mom was allowed in the room but we could monitor her from the screens outside. Melissa Koh was one of the four young healthcare workers in charge of her 10 sessions.

[ 09 FEB 2015 ]

Doctors advised Mom to drink lots of liquid after each radiation therapy (RT) session and my sisters always went with a bottle of water, a bottle of barley and packets of G3, a supplement. Among the known side effects of RT are severe headaches and change in behaviors. And of course, it made Mom very tired.

[ 10 FEB 2015 ]

By now we realized that it helped to manage the different appointments well in order to save us extra trips and unnecessary waiting time. Whenever possible, we fixed back-to-back meetings. In this case, she had to see Dr Sewa, her main oncology consultant in the initial period, right after her RT. Rather self-conscious, she would always insist on her shades and the face-mask. Sometimes, she also asked for her hat or scarf.

[ 11 FEB 2015 ]

I honestly don’t remember if I was coming or going.