Personal Project

Any Given Sunday

This is a modern-day Cinderella story about the thousands of Filipino women working as domestic workers in Singapore homes. For almost seven days a week, these Filipinas, better known as maids, serve their employers in their every need. In most households, they are often the de facto nanny, cook, washer and runner. Many of these domestic helpers are well-qualified professionals who are forced to seek alternative employment overseas because there aren’t jobs back in their home country. Every Sunday, many of them flock to the Crazy Horse pub, located in the infamous Orchard Towers. They are not drawn there by the attractive prizes in the self-funded, self-organized beauty pageants. Many come just for the comfort of being around people in the same boat. They dance, they chat, they oogle at people, and are oogled at. Some will eventually find love, most will just enjoy their weekly escape from work. When the clock edges close to 7 p.m., reality sets in. All the Cinderellas have to return to their real lives. Another week of hard work is waiting. Until they meet again.