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Every artist has his own city. Mine is Singapore.

Made in Singapore

As a kid growing up in the little village of Baktabali in Bangladesh, Salim Javed often wondered about life on the other side of the Dhaleshwari River.

Spooks – The Book

To Watch and Be Watched On an assignment in South Asia almost two decades ago, I ‘accidentally’ made some ‘sensitive’ pictures at a political rally, and incurred the wrath of the local authorities.

Becoming Capa – The Photographic Novella

Becoming Capa was written in 1992 in my final year at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and was adapted for a movie called Becoming Royston.

Panoramic Singapore

I have never entertained the thought of losing my memories. But lately, I seem to have forgotten what Singapore is.

Selected Interviews
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