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  • [ K ] Do You Like Brahms?

    [ K ] When I first noticed ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ trending on Netflix and Viu, my immediate thought was ‘optional’, ‘watch when desperate’.

  • Promising Young Woman

    [ Promising Young Woman ] Personally I have not met anyone who didn’t like Carey Mulligan’s performance in An Education.

  • 76 Days

    [ 76 Days ] Good, gripping but not great. The Chinese look very good in this documentary so I don’t see how or why the CCP will object.

  • Classmates Minus

    [ Classmates Minus 同學麥娜絲 ] If you had enjoyed 大佛普拉斯 Great Buddha+, you will be happy to know that Classmates Minus 同學麥娜絲 is just as fantastic. And fantastic is not an adjective…

  • Minari

    [ Minari ] Thanks to the myopia of the Golden Globe committee, I became obsessed with this film by Lee Isaac Chung and finally got to watch it recently.

  • [ K ] What Happens To My Family

    Admittedly, I started watching this series because I like Kim Hyun-Joo and her shows are quite hard to come by for two reasons – she disappeared for a while and because she…

  • [ K ] Strongest Deliveryman

    In the heart of Kang-soo Choi, there is only one place he wants to be in – Seoul. That was the direction his late father kept looking at because that’s where his…

  • [ K ] Kkondae Intern

    If I were to be in regular employment now, chances are very high I would be called a kkondae – Korean word for a condescending old man, mostly stubborn and always telling…

  • [ K ] Legend of the Blue Sea

    I can be severely lacking in certain aspects of imagination so I generally stay clear of period pieces, sci-fi, mythical and anything involving time travel. But I found myself totally mesmerized by…

  • [ K ] Start-Up

    Don’t let the ‘boring’ title mislead you into thinking this is just a series about IT nerds.