[ T ] Wave Makers

[ T ] My first question after watching Wave Makers was this: Did the programmers at Netflix deliberately release Wave Makers and Queenmaker at the same time? (Spoiler alert: the phrase queenmaker is used somewhere in Wave Makers.) Even if not, then it’s a cool coincidence.

Though not quite the same, there are many similarities in these Taiwanese and Korean series.

To state the obvious – there is the common theme that all troubles are caused by men, but what’s new? And similarly, nothing is ever so black and white.

But the devil/genius is in the little details.

The premise is simple enough – in a deadlocked race to elect the next president, two factions will stop at nothing to win. But first, you need to throw in a sex scandal and a super villain to hate.

Being the first Asian country(some say territory)to recognize same-sex marriages, many recent offerings from Taiwan like to dwell on that.

Here we have a strong-headed protagonist who doesn’t give a F that she’s a lesbian. Even when she can’t win an election, it does not bother her as much as the fact that she can’t win her dad’s support. Lo and behold, she gets intertwined with a young aide who is intertwined with someone she should not be intertwined with in the first place. Credit to the scriptwriter, the victim is not entirely a victim.

But those are the details and I will leave you to figure out everything yourself by yes, watching it.

Well honestly, I don’t know how many more political-conspiracy-sex-scandal I can watch.

Is Wave Makers good? I would say Hsieh Ying-Hsuan alone is 50% reason to watch.

But this series is also about the idealistic campaign workers who think they can make a difference and what they are prepared to do.

Watching it can be dangerous for the weak minds because they might be inspired to join a political bandwagon. Then how?

Porous? Factional? You bet. But better than indifference in my opinion.
I won’t go so far as to say it’s a little bit like West Wing because nothing is. But it is still similarly idealistic … and not a bad thing in a world where many can’t see beyond their own eyelashes.