[ BOOK LIVES ] Khrystyna’s World

On one hand, I know nothing about Khrystyna, so I can’t tell you what’s in Khrystyna’s World. On the other, I sometimes I feel I know her.

Todd Hido’s images are mostly about suggestions, and thus your own imaginations.

Khrystyna is perhaps Hido’s muse.

“A girlfriend or lover?” I asked Alex Daniels, the gallerist and publisher at Reflex Amsterdam, where I bought this signed copy.

He shrugged, almost expressionless. It can’t be that he didn’t know.

Maybe it’s better that I don’t know so much, then I can continue to live in Khrystyna’s World, and continue to concoct my dreams about/with her.

Mr Hido, how does that sound to you?

Khrystyna’s World
By Todd Hido
Reflex Edition
ISBN 978-90-71848-22-3