[ J ] Quartet

[ J ] In the very first episode of Quartet, Maki relates a story about how she overheard her husband describing his relationship with her, “I love her, but I don’t like her.”

So, there is no surprise that when asked about her view on marriage, Maki’s reply is “It is a family you can leave.”

Now what’s Maki’s reaction when her husband ‘mysteriously’ disappears one night? She goes out and have a good time.

And when the chance comes for her to be part of a third-rate quartet with three fellow losers, of course she says yes.

Well, these little anecdotes should give you a glimpse of what Quartet is about – a series about those who can’t make it.

Now pray tell, why is a series about third-tier musicians who just love making music worth making? And therefore worth watching.

I love Quartet, not just because I can relate very well to the concept that one can and should enjoy doing what he likes without having to reach the pinnacle.

I thoroughly enjoyed the back stories, and laughed wholeheartedly at how screwed up lives can be.

Take the example of Susume. What choice does she have when her conman father decided for her when she could barely walk that for the rest of her life, she has to live in shame?

She doesn’t have any misguided idea that she will one day be a great cellist. She is just happy to be anything, as long as not a con.

For her, when making music, she is giving her best, even if it is third-tier best.

Or can we blame Maki for stealing someone’s identity so she can snap out of her doomed destiny?

Quartet is very much about the ‘losers’ in all of us, but it is also about the little joy we should enjoy when we beat the system a little. Even if it is for just one minute.

Some parts of this series won’t make sense but that’s life.

Now are you game enough to be mediocre and admit that like me, you can relate to Quartet?