[ K ] Why Her?

It won’t take a genius to figure out after half an episode why the title of this series is called Why Her?

I am impartial to the actress Seo Hyun-jin but to see her in this very serious(different from her usual) role takes a little bit of adjustment. Would I be terrified of her? You bet. To be clever and cunning is one thing, but to be evil and willing to go to the extreme? That’s another level.

But my nagging question is Why Him? I know fans of Hwang in-youp won’t hesitate to beat me to a pulp but is this what Korean women have to settle for these days – boys with skin more pristine than all SKII models put together with fringes that prevent them from seeing clearly?

On a more serious note, perhaps K-dramas need to start taking a break from the bad lawyer-corrupt businessman-useless politician model. This series, in particular, feels a bit tired and definitely forced.

Of course most of us would have guessed correctly midway what’s going to happen. In fact, most successful thrillers do not climax in the end.

But somehow, the people who made this series decided to be different.

So by the end of episode 15, we all know that the last episode really exists to wrap everything nicely together. To me, it feels as if they could have and had wanted to drag on forever but were reminded they have to end at 16.

So suddenly, everything falls into place at the hearing:( So conveniently, everything has an explanation.