Cemetery Junction

If you are unfortunate enough to grow up in a town called Cemetery Junction, what do you do?

Freddie assumes he can snap the poverty cycle by moving from blue to white collar, so an insurance salesman job is an upgrade from machinist. After all, his hero escapes the same slum to become a big boss.

But it doesn’t take long for young Freddie to realize that no matter what, being in a small town ain’t the way to go. He just wants to get out and it doesn’t matter where he goes.

Paris is a possibility because the girl he likes has mentioned it.

But his mom just doesn’t understand and asks, “Why do you want to go to Paris when there are parts of Reading you haven’t seen?”

Here, in this question, Freddie finds the answer.

Because the world is bigger than Reading.

Unless of course you want to be stuck in a cemetery forever.