[ K ] Squid Game

I’m only halfway through Squid Game but I’m already sure that this series is going to sweep the awards.

The premise is simple enough – the world is divided into the haves and have nots, and those who are seemingly in control get to play games with the lives of those who don’t. Once you enter that arena, you need to know it is no longer the same innocent fun you have in your childhood. Here, when you lose, you pay the ultimate price.

Squid Game is no doubt a commentary on the society – the evils wear mask, the poor are numbered. What the poor lack in material wealth, they make up for that with wit and heart. In life, nobody wants to be backed into a corner, but when you are, what choice do you have other than to gamble?

And that’s what the game designers know they can exploit – the fact that you are at the end of a rope means you are prepared to do their bidding. When your number is up, it is up.

The sets are gorgeous, but don’t be fooled. End of the day, you need to ask whether you rather be on the pink or the blue team. I know my answer, it’s your turn.