[ J ] What Did You Eat Yesterday?

When I started on What Did You Eat Yesterday? a few nights ago, I wondered why the series centers around a gay couple when a topic like food is so universal.

I asked if being gay in Japan is still a big issue and how the filmmakers intended to use sexual orientation as a plug.

A few episodes in and I’m finally appreciating the bigger picture and have to admit it is a good way of talking about a subject that’s still taboo in many Asian societies.

In the show I caught a glimpse of the idiotic me 20 years ago, when I treated a dear friend who outed himself to me like a science project.

Our close relationship was no longer ‘pure’ because in what I thought was my genuine attempt to understand him more, I was just being a nuisance. A very annoying nuisance.

For a start, gays don’t know every gay person. If you thinking inviting one to meet another is your way of showing inclusivity, stop yourself.

Gays don’t need you to announce for them because saying “my good friend is gay” says nothing.

I think end of the day, this series is about love and affection, about wanting the best for the people we love.

If food doesn’t discriminate, why should we?