About A Boy

But if that was his choice and nobody was hurt in the process, should he be ostracized?

I have been reading different opinions about the Fukushima images shared by Keow Wee Loong and wondering why some people are so upset with him.

Seems clear to me that he has achieved what he wanted and beyond and he will just find the next big adventure to pursue. I am secretly hoping that it will be related to 1MDB’s account books.

These are some questions I have been asking myself:

  • Is it because he managed to get in but did not do ‘justice’ with his images, which come across as just publicity stunts?
  • Do people really believe that it would make a huge difference if his images are accompanied by intelligent and responsible reporting?
  • Do people really care about his health? Do people worry too much about what he could potentially spread to others if he is indeed ‘contaminated’?
  • If he had toed the line and applied for the permit, would he be given one?
  • Isn’t it a common feeling among many that the authorities have not been telling the truth about the situation? So this guy went behind their backs ….?
  • Is it right to hold him to only one standard (in this case, photojournalistic ethics) that most people are most familiar and comfortable with? Quite clear to me that he is a fun-seeker who thrives on risks.
  • Is there absolutely no merit in what he has done? Could he be subtlely ‘updating’ us on the lack of progress in the disaster zone, and at the same time telling us a few other things, among them, the danger is overstated?
  • Apart from his parents and loved ones, is he also responsible to others? And that include the people affected by the disaster?
  • How many people really wish that they have that access but will properly try to do a much better job than him?
  • How many of us just refused to entertain any positive possibilities because he really comes across as a fucking show-off?

A lot of great journalistic exposes involve the the reporters taking risks and that risk is often shared by people who speak to reporters too.

Did Keow take risks? Many will say totally unnecessary ones.

But if that was his choice and nobody was hurt in the process, should he be ostracized?

I don’t want to give this young boy more credits than he deserves.

From what I can see for myself in public domains, he is actively courting his detractors and doing a perfectly good job winning some fans and enemies.

We can say very safely that he is in this hole because of his own doings, and he loves it.

You know what, he doesn’t even care if you hate him.

But are we ‘better off’ just being part of the group that just throws stones instead of pausing for a second to think, “what if?”