[ BOOK LIVES ] Paris by Andreas H. Bitesnich

I’ve been an admirer of Andreas H. Bitesnich’s photography for many years, having encountered his Travel book in a bookshop. His very intense and lush black & white images are hard to forget even though some people will dismiss them as too old-school.

Bitesnich is damn hardworking and productive, dishing out one volume after another and Paris is part of his Deeper Shades series, which also includes his home-city Vienna, plus Tokyo, Berlin.

The format of these books are rather large and the paper stock heavy. Many of the spreads are diptychs but they are not always obvious because Bitesnich takes advantage of the blacks in many of his images to ‘stitch’ images together.

These common grounds, had they been lighter in shade, could be labeled as ‘grey areas’, but they are black, and I haven’t been clever enough to come up with an appropriate term.

But they are good joiners, and they allow you to journey from one scene to another without breaks.

by Andreas H. Bitesnich