[ BOOK LIVES ] Gao Bo – Tibet 1985-1995, Offrandes

Gao Bo is a much bigger deal in the west, especially France, than in China where he was born and raised.

One of the first Chinese members at Agence VU, where he still maintains a close relationship with his mentor Christian Caujolle, it would be fair to said Gao is more an artist than journalist.

When I first encountered his works at the VU Gallery in Paris in 2000, I was mesmerized and spent close to two decades tracking down his hand-bound book. Dark, mysterious and often presented with his own scribblings, he very rightly earned the rights to have a major retrospective in 2017 at the prestigious European House of Photography.


Gao Bo – Tibet 1985-1995, Offrandes
by Gao Bo
Editions Xavier Barral
ISBN 978-2365111324