[ BOOK LIVES] Political Theatre by Mark Peterson

There must have been hundreds of photographers who were on the scenes during the 2016 US Presidential Elections but I personally looked forward to the gritty images by Mark Peterson.

Peterson certainly has a personal point of view about the political situation although it is not entirely clear to me which side is/was he on;) He seems totally comfortable in making Donald Trump looks sleazy and Hillary Clinton too smooth. I don’t think that is so important to him.

His set is without a question stylized and you can debate till kingdom comes whether he cares more about how his pictures look more than what he is trying to say with them.

Are there messages, clear and subliminal? You bet.

Through his images, I am probably sure about only one thing – that he is cynical. That this old soul has seen enough of the political theaters to inject that extra layer that says “don’t believe everything”.

The other thing I am sure? Yeah, I like them lots.


Political Theatre
by Mark Peterson
ISBN 978-3-95829-183-6