[ BOOK LIVES ] Max: Photographs by Max Vadukul

I had always been tempted to say that Max Vadukul is not as well-known in this part of the world but I know that it would be wrong to assume that because he is seldom mentioned, he is not known.

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, Vadukul moved to UK, and has lived in London, Paris and now New York.

He was second staff photographer at The New Yorker magazine’s history. No prize for knowing who was the first.

Just loved this picture of Mother Teresa.

Now, you know why I like Futura/Helvetica and now Bell Gothic? And the black, white and red combo?

This book is HUGE at 14.1 x 1 x 17.9 inches and weighs 5.2 pounds.

And the good news? You can still find them online at rather OK prices.





Max: Photographs
by Max Vadukul
ISBN 978-0935112603